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【视频】| 设计共和 · 设计公社入选2017年Wallpaper*城市指南 发现如恩-neriandhu如恩设计

由如恩设计改造的设计共和 · 设计公社近日被2017年新版《Wallpaper*城市指南 -- 上海》收录在册。这本由英国Phaidon出版社发行的城市指南囊括了上海地区最佳的建筑与设计、文化场所、餐厅、酒吧和零售店铺哀家有了 。
DESIGN REPUBLIC Design Commune, designed by Neri&Hu, is featured in the2017Shanghai Wallpaper* City Guide. Published by Phaidon, it includes a refined list of the city's best architecture and design, cultural venues, hotels, restaurants, bars and shops.

设计共和 · 设计公社
Address:No.511 Jiangning Road王奔宏 , Jing'an District, Shanghai

设计共和 · 设计公社位于上海市中心,是一个设计师和设计迷们可以聚会,朴贤善 欣赏设计,交流学习的空间。它包括设计共和旗舰店——一家现代家具零售店,以及与设计相关的零售概念——包括书籍,时装,灯饰,配饰和花。设计共和·设计公社内还有一个宣言展厅(设计交流和承办活动)、咖啡馆、英国米其林星级厨师Jason Atherton的西班牙餐厅——食社,还有设计共和 钟如九? 家 (d. r. home)。
DESIGN REPUBLIC Design Commune, located in the center of Shanghai, envisions itself as a design hub, a gathering space for designers and design patrons alike to admire, ponder, exchange, learn, and consume. It houses the new flagship store for Design Republic, a modern furniture retailer, alongside a mixture of design-focused retail concepts大西洋海战 , including books, fashion, lighting山芋花, accessories and flowers. The Commune will also have a design gallery, an event space, a café安正男装, a restaurant by Michelin-Starred Chef Jason Atherton --TheCommuneSocial希奈丝特拉 , and a one-bedroom Design Republic apartment.

▲巡捕房旧照 Old Photo of the PoliceHeadquarters
Situated within the historic relic of the Police Headquarters built by the British in the 1910s, the project takes a surgical approach to renovation. First, gently removing the decaying wood and plaster, then carefully restoring the still vibrant red brick work, while grafting on skin, joints, and organs onto parts that needed reconstruction. And finally with the attachment of a brand new appendage which, like a prosthetic, enables the existing building to perform new functions, the nearly abandoned building begins its life again.

Replacing the rather dilapidated row-shops on the street front, Neri&Hu introduced a modern glassy insertion onto the brick fa?ade. To accentuate the historic nature of the main building, the street level periphery is enveloped by transparent glazing to reveal the existing brick work and rough concrete structures. Breathing new life into a traditional colonial building plan, Neri&Hu strategically removed certain floor plates, walls, as well as ceiling panels, to allow a renewed experience of the existing building, one that is fitting for the new functions to which the building now needs to respond.

▲改造前 Before Renovation

▲改造后 After Renovation

▲改造前 Before Renovation

▲改造后 After Renovation

▲改造前 Before Renovation

▲改造后 After Renovation
Various small and precise incisions have been made in the interior architecture to reveal the building’s history and integrity while creating experiential intersections for a coherent experience when moving through the building. Contrasting with the exterior which has mostly been left intact due to historic preservation guidelines, the interior has been completely transformed. The starkly modern white rooms are juxtaposed with untouched remnants of brick walls, and in some cases, exposed wood laths underneath crumbling plaster walls. The clear intentionality behind the detailing of connections between the old and the new creates a visually and spatially tectonic balance in relation to the building as a whole.

2015年度The Great Indoors大奖,荷兰马斯特里赫特Frame杂志 -最佳展示销售空间提名奖
The Great Indoors Award 2015, by Frame Magazine, Maastricht龙樱吧 , Netherlands -Show & Sell category, nomineed
2015 A+建筑奖, Architizer网站 -商业空间 - 办公、零售及展示组别,组委会大奖
Architizer A+ Awards 2015, by Architizer Website -Office Retail Showroom under Commercial Category, Jury Winner
INSIDE大奖世界室内节,新加坡 -已竣工项目创新改造组别,赞誉奖
Inside Festival, World Festival of Interiors, Singapore -Creative Re-use, Completed Building, Highly Commended
2013第二十届亚太室内设计大奖, 中国香港室内设计协会 -“公共空间优胜奖”
Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards 2013, by Hong Kong Interior Design Association傅正义 , Hong Kong, China -Public Space Category, Excellence Prize
2013年度亚洲最具影响力设计大奖(DFA)龙女之声,中国香港设计中心 -“环境设计-商业空间设计金奖”
Design for Asia (DFA) Award 2013特工学生txt下载 , by Hong Kong Design Center, Hong Kong, China -Environmental Design, Commercial Spaces Category, Grand Award
2013 透视大奖,中国香港透视杂志 -建筑类最佳保育建筑设计“冠军”
Perspective Awards 2013问情诗 , by Perspective Magazine, Hong Kong, China -Architecture Design李尹馨 , Heritage Category, Trophy
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